Home or Skilled Nursing Facility After Knee Replacement Surgery?

after total knee replacement surgery

There Is No Place Like Home For over 20 years I have been recommending going home after knee replacement surgery rather than to a skilled nursing facility.  I have previously detailed my reasons for choosing the home environment elsewhere. But I would like to share with you an additional study that has relevance to this…

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Truth Telling MD Debunks Knee Replacement Surgical Claims


May Round Up The round up is going to occur every so often-basically when I feel there is enough quality information to pass onto you and will include a brief summary and hopefully some insights. Truth Telling MD Debunks Knee Replacement Surgical Claims on the Net The first sentence of this next article starts out “Total knee…

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The 5 Best Practices For Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery


Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery-Beast or Beaten? How well will you do with your recovery? Most people will tell you that it depends on you and while that is true, there are best practices that when taken together constitute an effective system. Recovery can be accomplished with greater easy and less frustration when a well planned…

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Is The Rehab Industry Being Honest About the Effectiveness Of Their Treatment Methods?

knee replacement Rehab - time needed for Recovery

The Revolution In Therapy Following A Knee Replacement In the last 10 years, a revolution of sorts has taken place in the knee replacement industry. Patients are younger, more active, and more likely to be in the workforce when needing knee replacement surgery. In many cases this means completing therapy programs using paid time off (PTO)…

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Traditional Stretching Methods Could Prolong Your Knee Replacement Recovery!

Exercises After A Knee Replacement -Don't cut your legs out from under you

Don’t Delay Your Recovery In this lesson you are going to learn about how using traditional methods of stretching exercises after a knee replacement, ones that have been used for the past 20 years, may actually prolong your recovery and why. Anyone who has had a knee replacement will instantly recognize many of these methods. Leverage…

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The Number 1 Reason For Slow Knee Replacement Recovery

slow knee replacement recovery

  Imagine Training For A 220 Yard Dash Without A Stop Watch Without a stop-watch athletes and coaches are sunk. There is no way to tell if a particular method of training is working. In short, no stopwatch, no feedback, No correction, no success! And this is where so many struggling with rehab for knee replacement go wrong. Patients need…

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In Honor of Obamacare Anniversary-Long Wait Times for Knee Replacement Surgery Coming To A Hospital Near You


Morning Coffee Break Irony I just couldn’t resist. The irony was too compelling, the contrast too stark to pass up. I was greeted in my inbox this morning by two seemingly unrelated emails. One notified me of an article published in the Ottawa citizen about wait times for knee replacement surgery. The other email was…

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How To Speed Up Recovery After A Knee Replacement


How To Speed Up Recovery After A Knee Replacement With the signs of spring upon us it seems fitting that the theme of my next 4 posts will be about liberating yourself from a long and drawn out recovery. While there are pockets of solid recovery instruction, I am painfully aware that many people will…

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Give Me 3 Minutes and I Will Tell You How to Accelerate Your Knee Replacement Recovery


A Word About How to Build Muscle Strength Following A Total Knee Replacement To build the muscles of your knee back to full strength after knee replacement surgery or to build any muscle for that matter, you have to give the muscle a signal. What is that signal? You must ask the muscle to do something…

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Want to Know Which Hospitals Have Higher Than Average Knee Replacement Complication Rates?

Build hospital

 Knee Replacement Complication Rates No one wants to be in the small percentage of people who have knee replacement complications after surgery. So anything that helps protect consumers is a good thing-right? Recently, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) released data from 2009 through 2012 on readmissions within 30 days following knee replacement surgeries…

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