The Number 1 Reason For Slow Knee Replacement Recovery

slow knee replacement recovery

+-*  Imagine Training For A 220 Yard Dash Without A Stop Watch Without a stop-watch athletes and coaches are sunk. There is no way to tell if a particular method of training is working. In short, no stopwatch, no feedback, No correction, no success! And this is where so many struggling with rehab for knee replacement go wrong. Patients need…

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In Honor of Obamacare Anniversary-Long Wait Times for Knee Replacement Surgery Coming To A Hospital Near You


+-*Morning Coffee Break Irony I just couldn’t resist. The irony was too compelling, the contrast too stark to pass up. I was greeted in my inbox this morning by two seemingly unrelated emails. One notified me of an article published in the Ottawa citizen about wait times for knee replacement surgery. The other email was…

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How To Speed Up Recovery After A Knee Replacement


+-*How To Speed Up Recovery After A Knee Replacement With the signs of spring upon us it seems fitting that the theme of my next 4 posts will be about liberating yourself from a long and drawn out recovery following knee replacement surgery. While there are pockets of solid recovery instruction, I am painfully aware…

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Give Me 3 Minutes and I Will Tell You How to Accelerate Your Knee Replacement Recovery


+-*A Word About How to Build Muscle Strength Following A Total Knee Replacement To build the muscles of your knee back to full strength after knee replacement surgery or to build any muscle for that matter, you have to give the muscle a signal. What is that signal? You must ask the muscle to do something…

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10 Reasons To Start Your Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery At Home


+-* Home Is Where The Heart Is! Recently Daily RX  reported on a study conducted in Australia and reported on in Arthritis Care and Research. The researchers found that patients had the same ability 6 weeks after surgery to bend or straighten their knee, similar levels of pain, readmission rates and the ability to walk 50…

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10 Reasons Not To Trust Stryker for Your Knee Impant

immoral, unethical, corrupt

+-*Knee Implants and Big Medicine-What You Should Know! You may or may not have heard about the FDA bringing the hammer down on Otismed, a subsidiary of Stryker the big knee replacement implant industry giant.  In a nut shell, the CEO plead guilty to selling the The Otisknee, a cutting guide that helps surgeons align…

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Free Kindle Book Giveaway-Knee Replacement Wisdom


+-*Free Kindle Book Giveaway November 15-17 Looking for a good read over the thanksgiving day holiday?. If so pick up Fast Track Your Recovery From A Total Knee Replacement: How to Eliminate Pain and Pain Medicine The Quickest Way Possible, by yours truly. Ok so I’m  a little biased. It is a great way to get educated…

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Are You Too Old To Have A Knee Replacement?


+-*Knee Replacement Risk If you have been asking the question, “Am I too old to have a knee replacement?”, listen up, this study may help you decide. While the term “frail” is not a term that most people would use to describe themselves, a new study has created a frailty score from 11 data points that may…

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What Are The Best Knee Replacement Exercises?


+-*  Best Knee Replacement Exercises There are literally 100’s of exercises to choose from following a knee replacement surgery. Selecting the best exercise(s) without any rehab experience is a bit like trying to determine which exercises you should choose to become a better golfer. You would be forced to admit that a golf-pro would likely…

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Knee Replacement Recovery Time


+-*Knee Replacement Rehab Timeline In a fast-paced world, “How long does knee replacement recovery take?” is one of the most common questions asked about the surgery. Other similar questions include, How long will I be “out” of my normal routine?How long before I can be active again the way that I used to be? When can…

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