Knee Replacement Exercise Equipment-It Works! However You Want To Make It

hero story

Susan-Veteran of Two Knee Replacement Surgeries I’d like to introduce you to Susan and tell you her success story! When we first made contact she was a bit frustrated that my bonus page had become disconnected from the bonus download. In particular she was looking for the instructions to build the FLEX bar. Her first…

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Medicare Pushes Back Start Date For Knee Replacement Payment Model

Comprehensive care of Joint Replacements

New Developments For Knee Replacement Payment Model Some communities will be involuntarily forced to test the new bundled payment model coming in April, 2016. This is a delay from the anticipated start date of January, 2016. In this article I will be helping you to interpret “Government-Speak”. Red-lettered text in brackets, are my editorial comments and…

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I Have My Father To “Blame” For The Knee Replacement Adult Cartoon Coloring Book


It All Started With The Three Stooges He was a regular watcher of “The Three Stooges”, a man who appreciated humor and who no doubt would have laughed when the organist much to her horror, inadvertently triggered some sexy Latin beat during the middle of his funeral. So then it was only natural that I…

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Use Your Brain And Go With Your Gut In Knee Replacement Protocol

go with your gut 2

Advice for  Knee Replacement Therapy Most readers know by now that I authored a book, available on Amazon, entitled; Fast Track Your Recovery From A Knee Replacement: How To Eliminate Pain and Pain Medicine The Fastest Way Possible. A recent reader suggested in a review that including a chapter on ways to “move on” if the…

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ICD-10 Devilish Interference In Healthcare

Devil details

The Devil is In The Details The ICD-10 code,  created in 1983, was finally implemented here in the US on October 1st,2015 and it is all about the details. The devil is in the details as they say and you can believe that the devil is in the ICD-10 code. A recent article goes to the…

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Get Your Knee Replacement Surgery Before January 2016 If You Live in These Cities

Bungled payments

Bundled Payments Are Here The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services innovation center has started something new- mandatory testing for bundled payment of knee replacement services starting in January 2016 and ending on December 31st, 2020 in 75 cities around the country. Click here for PDF of cities. The Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement model…

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Home or Skilled Nursing Facility After Knee Replacement Surgery?

after total knee replacement surgery

There Is No Place Like Home For over 20 years I have been recommending going home after knee replacement surgery rather than to a skilled nursing facility.  I have previously detailed my reasons for choosing the home environment elsewhere. But I would like to share with you an additional study that has relevance to this…

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Truth Telling MD Debunks Knee Replacement Surgical Claims


May Round Up The round up is going to occur every so often-basically when I feel there is enough quality information to pass onto you and will include a brief summary and hopefully some insights. Truth Telling MD Debunks Knee Replacement Surgical Claims on the Net The first sentence of this next article starts out “Total knee…

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The 5 Best Practices For Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery


Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery-Beast or Beaten? How well will you do with your recovery? Most people will tell you that it depends on you and while that is true, there are best practices that when taken together constitute an effective system. Recovery can be accomplished with greater easy and less frustration when a well planned…

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Is The Rehab Industry Being Honest About the Effectiveness Of Their Treatment Methods?

knee replacement Rehab - time needed for Recovery

The Revolution In Therapy Following A Knee Replacement In the last 10 years, a revolution of sorts has taken place in the knee replacement industry. Patients are younger, more active, and more likely to be in the workforce when needing knee replacement surgery. In many cases this means completing therapy programs using paid time off (PTO)…

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