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What You Will Learn With This Book

A night or two of reading will give you insider knowledge and confidence!              No more worrying.

  • Maximize Speed of Recovery

    Scientifically Formulated Program:This program has been scientifically formulated from rock solid principles that are indisputable. They have been researched and proven in many different fields like weight loss and fitness and they simply work.

  • Ensure Steady Progress

    Minimize Pain and Avoid Addiction to Pain Medicine: Pain is a motivation killer. Learn to dominate your pain, accomplish your goals and stop using narcotic pain medicine as fast as possible.

  • Prevent Wheel-Spinning

    Too many options limits your focus and effectiveness. Progress through three distinct phases and apply the right focus to each phase so you don’t waste time.

  • Prevent Injury and Delay

    A built in Feedback System will protect your joint from overstretch and wasted time.

  • Maximize Effectiveness

    Charting helps accountability and motivation to stick with the system even on “off” days.

  • Leverage Your Efforts

    Traditional stretching methods use poor leverage techniques. The FLEX bar was designed as a unique tool especially for knee replacement recovery. Once you use it you will not want to be without it.

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

Knee Replacement Recovery Isn't Rocket Science But You Do Need To Know Some Basic Principles- Ones They Don't Teach You In Rehabilitation.

A Word From The Author

I hope you will take advantage of the principles I've learned over a 20 year career working with hundreds of knee replacement patients. The rehabilitation industry is highly variable. I want you to dominate your recovery and never look back.

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This chapter covers all the details you should consider prior to your knee replacement surgery and gives you an insiders perspective needed to steer clear of marketing hype and misinformation.

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Help yourself to a speedy and minimally painful knee replacement recovery. This easy-to-follow book is the result of 25 years of clinical physical therapy experience.

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