Chronic Knee Pain, A Wake Up Call ...NOT a Prescription for Surgery

About The Speaker

Don't miss out on this straight talk from a 25 year clinical physical therapy professional irreverently poking holes in the joint replacement industry marketing hype so that you aren't sucked up in the knee repalcement medical pipeline only to regret it months or years later. 

She is also the "Natural Knee Rescue Expert," and will share how chronic knee pain is a check engine light on your body dashboard and what you should do about it. 

She will also simplify the abundant evidence showing that chronic knee pain can be profoundly improved through simple diet and lifestyle changes. 


(limited number of engagements available)

What Do Surgeons Have To Say?

Even Orthopedic surgeons acknowledge that diet and lifestyle are vital to knee health.

What You Get...

Decode the message chronic knee pain is trying to tell you.
Learn the six essential steps to lowering whole body inflamation. 
Learn why most calorie reduction diets fail.
How to exercise, even if your knees hurt.
The science behind nutrition and exercise for knee pain.
What an accelerator margin is and why you need for sucessful change.  


(limited number of engagement available)

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