"Everything You Need To Know About Knee Replacement Surgery...Minus The "Marketing Hype."

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-Michelle Stiles PT, M.S., M.A., FDN-P, PN2


Get The Facts on Knee Replacement Surgery, Recovery and Tips On How To Avoid Or Delay The Surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery Information

Get the skinny on implants, complications, best hospitals, statistics, economics, presurgical preparation and more. Don't trust the big medicine sites that simply regurgitate research press releases and are reliant on significant amounts of advertising revenue from the very entities being critiqued.

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Speed Up Knee Replacement Recovery

No one wants to waste days of their life recovering from sugery. Learn the best techniques for accelerating recovery so that you can get back to the things you love quickly and safely. Everyone can recall someone whose knee replacement surgery wasn't very successful. Don't be that person!

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Avoid Or Delay Knee Replacement Surgery

Breakthrough research on osteoarthritis reveals that low-grade inflammation plays a major role in what was previously thought of as "wear and tear" arthritis. Find out more about alternative ways to alleviate pain and to forstall surgery or avoid it altogether.

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Let Me Introduce Myself...

Michelle Stiles, PT

I'm using my 25 years in the field of physical therapy to enable you to make the best decisions for your knee and overall health. It's my goal to be that "PT friend" providing you with insider information enabling you to navigate the medical system with insight and wisdom.M

I am the author of Fast Track Your Recovery From a Knee Replacement: How to Eliminate Pain and Pain Medicine As Quickly As Possible, and Color and Laugh Your Way Through Knee Replacement Recovery; Inventor and patent holder of the FLEX Bar and lifelong advocate for taking personal responsibility for health.

5,000+ Happy Customers Can't Be Wrong

I recently had a TKR and my therapists and doctor are amazed at my rate of recovery and the degrees of flexion I have gained in such a short amount of time. The credit goes to Ms. Stiles and her approach to TKR recovery. I read Fast Track Your Recovery From A Total Knee Replacement prior to my surgery and had in place all the tools I would need after surgery.

I'm a 71 yo male into my second post-operative week after a TKR, and I couldn't be more pleased with this book and Michele's guidance. Her strong advice that one focus on range of motion during weeks 1 and 2 had worked out perfectly for me, so much so that on day 11 I have no pain, am off medications except 1x 650 mg acetaminophen before bed, and am walking for 10 minutes twice a day unaided on a treadmill.

My second knee replacement seemed miraculous because of this book. Knee replacement #1 was a disaster. I went in to a rehab post op 3 days with a flexion of 103. I came out, three weeks later at 60. I followed their directions.  This time I trusted my experience and the program outlined in the book and my recovery is just as Michelle describes. No rehab. My out patient PT says Im weeks ahead and loves the fast track method.

This is an excellent primer for the individual considering total knee replacement surgery and the rehabilitation thereafter. It is written in layman's terms in a simple and direct format. As a physical therapist with 29 years of experience treating hundreds of patients who have undergone this surgery, I completely agree with the principles that Ms. Stiles espouses.

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