About Michelle

Michelle Stiles ,PT

Michelle Stiles, PT, MS, FDN-P, PN2

I currently live in sunny Tucson, AZ with four crazy cockapoos named Rocky, Rusty, Mooch and Stinker, hiking and exploring the beautiful Sonoran desert. 

I’ve helped thousands of people recover from knee replacement surgery in person and remotely through my website, books and products.

Most people know at least one person whose knee was never the same after surgery, or that person who forever regrets the decision. 

My blog was created to help readers like yourself drill down below the joint replacement marketing hype, enabling you to make truly informed decisions about your knee and your health.

Fun Things I Did When I Was Bored.

Everything that I learned about knee replacement rehabilitation, I put in a small book entitled, Fast Track Your Recovery From A Total Knee Replacemement: How to Eliminate Pain and Pain Medicine The Quickest Way Possible available on Amazon. 

There are a number of force multipliers that when implemented faithfully made the rehab quite "easy" instead of a painful and dreadful roller coaster.

I also patented a product called the FLEX bar which stands for Frequent Leveraged Exercise, that helps you stretch and bend your leg easily in an upright and seated position. If you purchase the book, I tell you how you can make one of your own FLEX bars from materials found at a local hardware store. And if DIY is not your style and you have more disposable income, grab a version of the tool here.

Then just for s_ and giggles,  I tapped into my Irish sense of humor and created a coloring book for knee replacement patients so they could color and laugh their way through the tedium of recovery.

Then My Health Started to Suffer.

A few years ago, I found myself struggling with fatigue that affected all aspects of my life. Making significant changes in my diet and lifestyle, transformed my health. I stopped suppressing the symptoms of fatigue with caffeine and other stimulants and sought help by examining the root causes of fatigue.

Since then I’ve been determined to help others identify the root causes and treatments that Western medicine has largely ignored.

I now work with motivated osteoarthritis sufferers who are determined to save their original knee(s), no matter what it takes. 

Over the past few years I’ve realized 3 things that I’ve set out to change.

  1.          1. Working age osteoarthritis sufferers have three unacceptable options.
  2. If you have diligently followed the path of traditional OA patients, eventually you find yourself stuck with the following choices…                          adopt a limited lifestyle, early knee replacement surgery or life on narcotic medications, none of which are fully satisfying.

  3. 2. Focusing on pain suppression only is ineffective and dangerous.
  4. Chronic knee pain should be thought of as a check engine light on your body’s health dashboard. Suppression of that pain is like                            shutting off the light and blindly ignoring what your body is trying to tell you…you are aging too fast.
  6. 3. Research into the root causes of osteoarthritis is 15 years ahead of Western medicine.

  7. There is abundant evidence that inflammatory diet and lifestyle factors contribute to the pain and early destruction of your knee as                      well as your entire body. Why should you have to wait for relief when there are effective and proven diet and lifestyle treatment                            strategies available?

Early osteoarthritis is a warning sign… a check engine light alerting you to accelerated aging throughout your body.

  1. You can slow down and listen or you can plunge forward and disable the check engine light with knee replacement surgery. Be forewarned, research has shown that early knee replacement surgery is associated with the following elevated risk factors.
38% increased risk of cardiovascular disease!
55% increased risk of all cause mortality!
95% increased risk of diabetes!
128% increased risk of cancer!
48% increased risk of a walking disability!
72% increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease with a walking disability!

Don’t Miss the Message Chronic Knee Pain is Trying to Tell You…Your Whole Body Is Aging Too Fast.

If you’ve been suffering with early knee osteoarthritis, and all the associated pain and mobility limitations, I can help you get off that roller coaster by examining the root causes of your chronic knee pain. 

It is possible to lose weight and improve your overall health without exercising. I’ve done it myself and so have many others.

Click the link below to learn more about how to rescue your knees with a proven diet and lifestyle coaching program.