Accelerate Your Recovery By Watching the “Get Started” Video Series

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Be sure to watch Video One in the “Get Started” Series so that you can initiate rehab quickly in the right setting and with the right tools! And don’t forget to download your bonus file.


Get Started Video Series

  • Video One: The Fundamentals of Home Rehab-House Set Up
  • Video Two: How To Build Your Own FLEX Bar
  • Video Three: How To Use The FLEX Bar

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  • Fast Track Knee Replacement Recovery Bonuses
    Fast Track Knee Replacement Recovery Bonuses

    Here are the bonuses that come with Fast Track Your Recovery From a Total Knee Replacement. Use the Quick Look Cheatsheet, Daily tracker, FLEX Bar Blueprint, and the Recovery Leverage Analysis to beat the industry average recovery time and back to doing what you love. There are truly No Days To Waste!