Announcing the 2nd Annual Knee Replacement Recovery Survey:

If you or someone you know has had a knee replacement, please help us out and take the knee replacement recovery survey yourself or post it on your social media accounts so that others can see it. Honest feedback from patients who have had this done is essential to improving our systems.  Here is your opportunity to let the industry know what you liked and what you didn’t like about the total knee replacement rehabilitation process.

If you are allergic to surveys, drop me a note at [email protected] but by all means register your feedback. You’ll be helping us improve so the next patient has it easier.

I’ll be writing about the results when we can get at least 100 people surveyed. So get on facebook or email a few friends and let’s get the word out. Thanks all for your awesome help!!


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Michelle, PT
Michelle, PT

Michelle Stiles called "the no nonsense" therapist, by her patients, created a company called Cowboy Up Recovery after recognizing the bankruptcy of the present medical model. Too many people regard conventional medical wisdom as gospel, ignoring the subversive influences of Big Pharma and Big Medicine. She believes, Americans in general are being trained from an early age to defer to experts in numerous areas of life and losing the impulses for self-responsibility and self-reliance in the process. Over-diagnosis and over-medicating has become endemic. While thankful for the best miracles of modern medicine, she encourages people of all persuasions to listen to their bodies and seek out answers to maintain not just an absence of disease but optimal health. Her advice is: Cowboy Up, no one cares more about your health than you do.

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